How the Animals Chose a King

The animals had gathered in the veld to discuss an important matter. They wanted a king.

Lion! Yes, Lion would make an excellent king. Everyone agreed that he was big and strong and perfect for the position.

“Well,” said Jackal, “wouldn’t it be best to have a king who has both fangs AND horns?”

Oh yes! The rest of the animals agreed that a king with both fangs AND horns would be a very good king indeed.

That night, Jackal, a notorious trickster, snuck about searching for the horns of a dead buck, stole some honey from the bees and set to work.

The next day, when the animals had gathered in the veld, who should come strutting over the veld but Jackal - as a new Horned Beast! He had used his store of stolen honey as glue and fixed the scavenged horns to his own head!

The animals looked upon him and were struck with awe.

“Look!” they cried. “He has both fangs AND horns! He is truly fit to be king.”

Jackla swaggered about the planes, making demands and ordering the other animals about. They bowed to each and every one of his demands. Do this. Do that. Come here. Go there. They did it all. And poor Lion! Jackal treated him worst of all, but what could Lion do? This was the will of the king himself.

But Jackal was to be undone. The honey glue started to melt in the hot sun and, as Jackal bent his head down form his lofty perch to sneer at Lion… Thunk! The horns fell from his head and onto the ground.

“You cheat! You liar! You horrible trickster!” roared Lion.

Jackal dashed off to safety from Lions rage, but not before Lion landed a glancing blow down Jackals back.

Lion then took his rightful place as king. And as for Jackal? To this day you can still see the grey stripe down his back where Lions blow caught him.