Die Heks van Hex Rivier

Elise lived with her family on their farm in the Hex Rivier Valley. She was a beautiful girl. No other girl ih the valley could match her radiance. But, beautiful as she was, she was just as stubborn, proud and difficult to please.

When young men came calling she would disregard them, claiming that only the most handsome, most accomplished, most hard working young man would be fit to be her husband.

On a day, a young man named Philip called on the farm seeking to court the young woman. He was handsome, he rode well, he wasn’t afraid of hard work. He was everything Elise had hoped for in a husband and she fell for him instantly.

Still, she was haughty and hard to please and demanded a task be completed to fully prove that Philip was worthy of her hand.

“Go to the top of the highest peak, and pick a red disa flower. Return it to me. Then I will know that you are worthy of my love,” she demanded.

Philip, eager to prove his worthiness, accepted the challenge with joy in his heart, and traveled to the highest peak in the valley. He climbed and climbed, always with a smile on his lips as he was to prove his love and win the hand of the most beautiful girl around.

Finally, atop the the highest point, on a ledge jutting out over the void below, he found the prize he sought. The blood red disa flower. Beautiful beyond compare, just like his bride to be.

Philip shuffled out to the ledge to claim his token when, just as he had plucked the flower from its perch,  there was a loud CRACK! and the ledge he was balanced on crumbled below him. The poor young man tumbled into the void, still clutching the precious flower, to his death.

When Elise heard of the death of her beloved Philip she set out to find the spot where the disa flower had grown. SHe climbed and climbed, a tear in her eye, for she had lost the love of her life.

When she reached the spot where the disa grew, and saw the evidence of Philips demise she cried out as the remains of the ledge crumbled below her, sending her too into the void and to her death.

Even today, people say you can see a spectre of the young woman wandering the valley in search of her beloved Philip. It’s her punishment, they say, for causing the death of the young man. They say she is a witch.