Jakkals trou met Wolf se Vrou.

Jackal is often depicted as a cunning and mischievous character in local folklore, while Wolf is honest and sometimes easily duped. Once again, sneaky Jackal tries to get on over Wolf.

Wolf was to be married. The date of the wedding was set and animals were coming from all over the land to celebrate the union. But Jackal was jealous of Wolf’s new bride and, after having tied wolf to a tree to stop him from thwarting his plans, he went to the bride and convinced her to marry him in stead of Wolf by lying about Wolf’s intentions toward her.

From high above, the Sun and the Rain, seeing Jackal up to his usual tricks, decided to intervene on Wolf’s behalf.

As the guest gathered for the wedding in the veld the Rain released a few drops that pitter pattered onto the guests and chased everyone inside for shelter. Once the guests had were inside Sun came out again, glowing at her brightest and making it uncomfortably hot in the shelter, forcing the guests back into the open veld. Once again the Rain let forth its pitter patter of droplets chasing the guests inside. Again the Sun shone its brightest, chasing the guests outside.

Back and forth the Rain and the Sun pitter pattered and shon brightly, stalling the ceremony until Wolf had freed himself of his bonds and made his way to the wedding to explain to his bride the awful trick that Jackal had played upon the happy couple.

From then on it has been said that, whenever the sun shines while it is raining it is said “Jakkals trou met Wolf se vrou.”