Lion’s Wife

King Lion wasn’t always so benevolent and gracious. He could have a temper.

One day that temper was taken out on his wife. Poor Queen Lion, she had done nothing wrong, but King Lion took a good hard swipe at her. She had tried to dodge the blow, but he managed to grab her by the mane, her glorious mane, that all female lions had at the time.

King lion dragged his wife about until her neck was rubbed bare, her man hanging off in tatty scraps.

The other lionesses saw this and between them decided that fines manes bring nothing but trouble, and what were to happen if their husbands were to swipe at them too?! No, their manes had to go. And so they went to Ground Squirrel and asked him to gnaw their manes off.

This is why, today, lionesses have no mane.