Launched at Design Indaba Expo 2015, Paper Planes , a collaboration between Design Indaba and Alexander's Band, is an exhibition of South African illustration, focused around the theme of Southern African Myths and Legends.

A hand picked group of some of South Africa's leading illustrators  was invited to  illustrate one of 22 pre-selected stories. The illustrators were free to use whatever medium and depiction of the source material they felt was appropriate - whether it be a literal or figurative one.

The result is 44 unique illustrations celebrating our rich local tradition of story telling and vast array of illustrative talent.

We not only showcased professional illustrative talent but invited the public to contribute to a massive 'narrative wall' where they could draw their own images and create a snapshot of the kind of people and experiences at Design Indaba.

Artworks bought at the show were printed on demand by Wet Ink, our print sponsors, on gorgeous 350g Hahnemühle paper and marked  with an  unobtrusive embossing of the show's logo.

So what's next?

Well, we're looking at getting the show to a few more venues and festivals over the course of 2015. If you would like to host Paper Planes at your event let us know!

We're also looking into launching an online store for the prints. Sit tight. If and when that happens we'll make a big fuss about it. Sign up to our newsletter via the connect page to be the first to know.






Paper Planes is made possible by our generous sponsors.