The Spectral Hitchhiker

If ever you were to pick up a young hitchhiker near Uniondale in the Western Cape, beware! She’s going to 2 Porter street. That’s what she’ll tell you, this young woman wearing dark slacks and shirt ,as she slides into the back of your car. She’ll sit quietly as you drive along the national road running through the Klien Karoo and then, about 17 kilometers later, she’ll vanish. Without a sound, without a trace. She’s gone.

This is the spectral hitchhiker.

In life she was said to have been a nurse. She and her fiancé were on their way to Bloemfontein to visit her parents. A little after setting off in their car she fell asleep to the soft hum of the engine. Then, not 17 kms later… tragedy. The little car was involved in a horrendous accident that killed the young woman instantly.

It is believed that the abrupt transition from sleep to death without a moment of comprehension confused her sprit. To this day she has not realised she has been killed and continues to try to make her way to her destination at 2 Porter Street. Wherever that address may be.

One of the most famous sightings of the ghost comes form a biker. He offered the young woman a ride which she gladly accepted. He gave her a spare crash helmet and they were on their way. A few minutes later he felt the back tyre of his bike skid ever so slightly. He stopped, truned to look at his passenger behind him and found she had disappeared. He spare helmet was securely fastened to his bike with no sign of his passenger to be found.