Tokoloshe and the Children

Some say that the Tokoloshe has been given a very bad reputation, that he is really a mild, kind little creature who lives a peaceful life. It’s people who command him that are the real evil.

The Tokoloshe is particularly fond of children and will lure them to the riverbanks where he lives. There he lays out a delicious banquet for the children and delights in seeing them laugh and sing and fill their tummies to bursting.

When the children return home they refuse to eat their dinner, partly because they are full from the delicious banquet but also because no food could compare to that provided by the Tokoloshe.

His visitors are sworn to never reveal where they are meeting their little friend and the only way that parents could find Tokoloshe den would be to secretly follow the children to the banquet. Should the adults find the den, and should Tokoloshe feel prying eyes upon him, he will place into his mouth a small magic pebble and instantly vanish from sight.

Tokoloshe is scarce these days. It’s said that one day, while the creature was swimming in a stream, a child stole the precious magic pebble, popped it in his mouth, and at once became invisible. Tokoloshe sent a frantic morning dashing about, chasing after any sound that may have been made by the invisible child. A cracking twig, a swish in the leaves, a quiet giggle on the wind. Here and there the poor Tokoloshe dashed, trying to retrieve his stolen treasure until he was exhausted and frustrated and the poor creature burst into tears.

The thieving child was touched by the creatures tears and returned the pebble, but Tokoloshes trust in children was lost and this is why we see him so rarely.